A creative photo editing App


What is Colorfix?



Colorfix is an easy to use but powerful photo editor. The wide range of features let you obtain that desired summer look for social media, or create marketing content for your brand. 

Start editing your own photos, start from a blank canvas or use one of the thousands of photos from Unsplash free photos library. 


Blending modes
When adding multiple image to an existing project you can use blending modes to create amazing double exposures. 

Advanced filters
Use the filters in the adjustments tab to have a better control of your edit. You can adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, hue, shadows, highlights, vibrance and HSL of specific colors in your photo.

Text labels
Add multiple text labels to your photo and arrange them using the layers tool. You can change the font, color, alignment and background of the labels.

Stickers and Shapes
Use custom stickers or shapes with your photo to give it a fun look.

Colorfix has a wide range of photo filters to suit your filtering needs, and we will be adding more soon.

When adding multiple images to an existing project you can use masking to delete part of the image added on top of the original. Get creative with masking and add multiple images to get amazing effects.

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